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Content approaching. Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. Please ate the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished. During the Clone Wars , a galaxy-wide conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems , Ti took part in the pivotal battles of Geonosis , Kamino , and Coruscant. In addition to her role as a general for the Grand Army of the Republic , she personally oversaw the training and development of clone forces on Kamino.

The transmission was from his superiors wanting a report on his mission. He told them he would give them it once he got back. Oh don't tell the council about me since my superiors want to keep our best soldiers hidden for a little longer. Just tell them the Legion was working the same case as you. Sean opened his eyes and found Shaak Ti nude as him on his bed in the Jedi Temple making him smile and kissed her forehead making her smile in her sleep.

Authors note: Sorry I didn't ate yesterday took a day off. Now who would you guys like to see in the next lemon. Aayla Bultar Sawn or Talon. Vote and decide see ya. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Star Wars.

Before Palpatine left he had a family a son he left behind. Now that Son is back. Will he save his father from darkness or will he join him or end his life for the great or good? OC Harem. Lemons Girl on Girl action pregnancy and slight crossover. Chapter 3 memories Flash back 3 years ago Shaak Ti was sent to an unknown planet to investigate a disturbance. Later Shaak Ti groaned as she opened her eyes and sat up wincing slightly from the pain in her abdomen and blushed slightly when she saw her breasts were fully exposed and Sean walked in.

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Later Shaak Ti was looking over the plain fields with a smile on her face as she wore the robe Sean had given her.

A whole day later next morning Shaak Ti slowly opened her eyes and saw she was on Sean's chest and smiled as she laid her head down listening to his heart beat.

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Present Sean opened his eyes and found Shaak Ti nude as him on his bed in the Jedi Temple making him smile and kissed her forehead making her smile in her sleep. Getting up without waking her he quickly got dressed and was about to head out till.

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Shaak Ti: Above & Beyond

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Oh wellshe thought, taking calming breaths. It wasn't the worst thing to happen to her during the Clone Wars. Sensing an opportunity, Shaak seized on their post-orgasm distraction and called her lightsaber, rolling forward to meet it, droid semen flying everywhere. The MagnaGuards reacted immediately but it was too late, Shaak's weapon thrumming to life and casting a flickering blue glow across her naked body.

The fight was on!

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Send feedback. Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. Ti and her fellow council members chose to keep this revelation secret, as support in the war effort would disintegrate if the public knew that the Sith had a secret connection to the army.

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Ti was present at a Jedi High Council meeting in which the members expressed concern over Yoda's health. Ti, along with the other Council members, meditated with Yoda in an effort to hear a voice Yoda claimed to have heard, the voice belonging to Qui-Gon Jinn.

The meditation proved fruitless. Ti later appeared to Yoda in a vision on Dagobahin which she was impaled by Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber while meditating. Ti, alongside many Jedi both dead and alive, later appeared in another of Yoda's visions as he walked through the Valley of Extinction in the mysterious Wellspring of Life.

Ti was seen conversing with Barriss Offee and Adi Gallia. The former was imprisoned on Coruscant and the latter was killed during a skirmish on Florrum. All Jedi present gathered underneath the Great Treewhere Yoda realized that these events were an illusion, calling out Jinn and Gallia as being deceased, and Dooku as being a traitor. The illusions, including Ti, were lifted into the sky and the vision was ended.

Following the death of the Jedi Tu-Anh on UtapauKenobi and Skywalker discovered that the Separatists were secretly transporting a massive kyber crystal to Serenno.

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Ti was present during Kenobi's report of the situation, listening as Yoda ordered him to keep the crystal out of Separatist hands. The subsequent mission led to the crystal's destruction by the Jedi. Ti sat among her fellow masters when Skywalker and Kenobi reported their actions to the council. The Jedi learned from Yoda that kyber crystals like the one on Utapau had once powered ancient superweapons constructed by the Sith and that the mysterious Dark Lord of the Sith might one day discover another giant kyber crystal and craft a new superweapon.

Ti was present at a Jedi Council meeting following the attack on Mahraneewhere Windu suggested that assassinating Dooku could help end the war. Ti remained silent during the meeting, her expression calm but sorrowful. After careful consideration, the Council chose to send Quinlan Vos. Vos, alongside Dooku's former assassin, Ventress, trained to take down Dooku.

The plan failed, as Vos was captured and Ventress narrowly escaped.

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Following a failed attempt to free Vos and the revelation that he was Dooku's new apprenticeVentress met with Kenobi and was brought to the Temple. All except Yoda raised their lightsabers in response to Ventress' appearance. With reassurance from Kenobi, the Jedi lowered their defenses. With the Jedi's help, Vos was freed.

The Council learned that he had, according to his own recollection, not fallen to the dark side and was merely imprisoned by Dooku. The Council met soon after to discuss what to do with him, as Ventress refused to believe that he was no longer free of the dark side and the Council was divided on how he should have been handled.

Windu wanted to keep him away from the war effort, as Vos posed a threat to the Republic, due to his knowledge of both Republic and Separatist information and his ties with Dooku.

Both Kenobi and Ti spoke against this, saying that his knowledge would aid the Republic, and they should give him smaller assignments until he was deemed ready to rejoin the war at hand. Over the next several monthsVos led several smaller missions to small Separatist storage facilities and listening postseach of which ended with growing suspicion as to Vos' loyalty, as every outpost seemed to have been abandoned by the Separatists before the Republic forces arrived.

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To test his loyalty, the Council sent him to assassinate Dooku once more. He recruited Ventress again, and they traveled to Christophsis. Ventress was proven right in her belief that he was still under the influence of the dark side, but sacrificed herself at the hands of Dooku in order to redeem him.

Vos was ultimately allowed to rejoin the Order, and he returned Ventress' body to her homeworld of Dathomir. The battle, however, was a ruse to slip Grievous onto the surface of the planet to kidnap Palpatine.

Corrob and the clones fell to Grievous, but Ti managed to fight further. Grievous took her lightsaber and fled with the captive Chancellor to the Separatist flagship Invisible Hand. The Council, upon learning of this, made his capture their highest priority in order to end the war. Palpatine, who the Council already strongly distrusted, took it upon himself to appoint Skywalker to the Council.

With little option, the Council agreed but refused to grant him the rank of Masterinfuriating the young Jedi. The Council had only agreed in order to spy on the Chancellor through Skywalker. Ti was not present during these events but did attend the meeting where Skywalker informed the Council that Republic Intelligence had located Grievous on Utapau. Skywalker volunteered to lead the mission but was replaced by Kenobi at Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi 's urging.

These events strained the relationship between not only the Council and the Chancellor, but also Skywalker. After killing Windu, Sidious turned Skywalker to the dark side of the Force. He enacted Order 66which used the clones' inhibitor chips to turn them against the Jedi.

As the Jedi spread across the galaxy were being massacred, the temple was attacked by Skywalker, newly christened Darth Vader. Despite only owning it for a short period of time before his death at the hands of Kenobi on Utapau, Ti's lightsaber was among the most prized in Grievous' collection.

While walking through and experiencing various illusions, he entered one where several Jedi, dead and alive, including Ti, confronted him. One by one, Vader destroyed the illusions, impaling both Ti and Koon simultaneously as the words " Let the past die " resounded in his mind.

Shaak ti naked

While under pressure from the Hutt, he opened several holocrons and witnessed Ti's message through the artifact. Ti was noted by Fives to be a helping and caring individual, valuing the lives of the clones not as objects but as people. This often led to conflict with the Kaminoans, who regarded them as property.

She openly opposed the Kaminoan's preferred methods of treating clones, such as hyper tests and termination. Ti wasn't afraid to invoke authority over the Kaminoans in order to protect the soldiers, as seen when she let Fives plead his case to the Chancellor against Nala Se's wishes.

She claimed to Fives that it wasn't a matter of belief in either side, but that it was simply the right thing to do. The Kaminoans criticized Ti and the Jedi, citing their compassion and creative thinking as poor influences on the clones. Ti had a particularly difficult relationship with Se, who had little regard for her moral and spiritual beliefs. Despite the differences between the two, Se held some respect for Ti's wishes and decisions, as she represented the Republic and was thus a client to the cloners.

Ti was skilled in using telekinesis during battle.

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During the Battle of Kamino, she used telekinesis to lift two Aqua droids and slam them into two other droids hard enough to destroy all four. This echolocation, which could reach up to 82 feetpaired with her natural Force abilities allowed Ti to be very perceptive of her surroundings.

Oct 14,   Season 6 Episode 2 "Conspiracy" All content in any ways whether its music or video is owned by Disney Enterprises Inc. In no way does this channel make any profit off of . Sensing an opportunity, Shaak seized on their post-orgasm distraction and called her lightsaber, rolling forward to meet it, droid semen flying everywhere. The MagnaGuards reacted immediately but it was too late, Shaak's weapon thrumming to life and casting a flickering blue glow across her naked body. "Well this is a surprise." Sean said turning around and saw Shaak Ti naked as before but this time she wasn't covering herself and gave him a loving smile on her face. "I figured I should give you a reward for saving my life and only one thing comes to mind." Shaak Ti said pulling him into a kiss.

Ti's martial capabilities were also enough to ensure her survival during the Battle of Geonosis, an engagement that saw the deaths of nearly Jedi. As the overseer of clone training on Kamino, Ti demonstrated an affinity for teaching. Ti wielded a blue lightsaber, using it throughout the Clone Wars until it was stolen by Grievous during the Battle of Coruscant.

Although she commonly wore a standard Jedi robe, underneath she wore a flowing brown skirt and an intricately designed scarf and tabard, along with a sleeveless brown undershirt accompanied by matching sleeves that stretched from her shoulders to her wrists. In the final edit of Revenge of the Sithmost of the footage featuring Shaak Ti was cut, including two possible death scenes for her.

In one, she is captured by General Grievous and taken aboard the Invisible Hand. When Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi make it aboard the ship they find a strangely despondent Ti sitting at the feet of Grievous, stating that she is sorry for failing him before Grievous stabs and kills her in front of the two Jedi.

Vader then stabs and kills her. Ti's canonical death was finally confirmed as being killed by Darth Vader during Order 66 in the reference book Star Wars: Galactic Atlas. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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